Ophelia’s Voice: Letter writing to the past and future

by Sabine on April 21, 2009

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picture-6This sounds like a really cool project. I really love this idea. And whether or not you’re putting in your submission, I’d be fascinated to hear from readers what their answers to these questions are:

*Ophelia’s Voice* (www.opheliasvoice.org) is launching a new grassroots project called the “Legacy Book Project” to compile reflections from girls and adult women about female leadership, which will be made available in late June 2009. This project is in the spirit of recognizing the value of reciprocal mentorship, essentially addressing the question: “What can girls offer women? What can women offer girls?”. We are looking for *250-word submissions* from self-identified girls and women in any corner of the world that want to address the following question:

Girls: Write a letter to yourself at age 30. What do you hope you will have accomplished at the age? How do you hope the world has changed for female leaders and gender equality? What will you want to remember about being a young woman?

Women: Write a letter to yourself at age 13. What advice do you wish you had at that age? What would you tell yourself about your potential to be a leader? What has changed in your life from that age? How has feminism changed?

We are looking for candid and honest submissions, and will not censor
submissions in any way. This is a project with very few limitations, so
express your “letter” in a length and style you are comfortable with -
please don’t feel limited by traditional letter formats.

All contributors will receive a copy of the grassroots publication in the
summer of 2009. If possible, please include a photo of yourself as an
adolescent girl (ages 10 – 13 if possible) with your submission.  Don’t
hesitate to contact us at joanne@opheliasvoice.org with any questions.

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