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by Sabine on May 1, 2009 · 3 comments

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Feminist cookies by 52 ActsWe’re introducing a new feature here at Confabulous by throwing our two cents into the Feminist Friday meme (which you’ll find over at Feministing and the like). The big plan is to put up short Feminist Friday videos each week, but for now, we’re going to play it texty style by shining our spotlight on five of the most interesting feminist projects we’ve discovered on our weekly trawl through the internet (or in this case, four feminist-fuck-yeah and one feminist-fuck-you). Do you have a project you want us to know about? Don’t be all girly and fail to toot your own horn! Email Sabine (sabine [at] confabulous [dot] ca) and I’ll try to include it in the following week’s FFF!

Here’s our top picks for the four coolest feminist projects–and one barf-worthy mention–we found out about this week:

1. Dr. Sharon Collingwood, a Canadian teaching women’s studies at Ohio State University, dropped us a line to let us know about two nifty things. First of all, she teaches an intro-level women’s studies course in Second Life. But she’s also working on a site for the Canadian women’s site on Second Life. You can find out more about Dr. Collingwood here.

2. Okay, this is kinda old news, but it’s new to Confabulous–and it’s kinda old skool fabulous. Back in March, a group of protesters distrupted the Miss University London pageant by letting off stink bombs, jumping on the stage and scattering an open letter to the attendees. There are full details with a video and the text of the letter here at their own blog. We think Gloria Steinem would be proud.

3. We’ve also just found out about 52 Acts, a site dedicated to “acts of cyberfeminist creativity.” They’ve got feminist cookies!(h/t to Greenshoes5).

4. skirt! is looking for some feminist men for their July edition.

5. Finally, we’re squeezing in a Feminist Friday Fuck You here to the National Post, not only for running this gratuitous bum shot of Carla Bruni and Spain’s Princess Letizia, but for running it with the headline, “Carla Bruni: Bad for Feminism.” Hello, author Anne Marie Owens. It’s not Bruni who’s bad for feminism–it’s the media coverage of her (her wardrobe, her face, her husban’s hand on her ass) that’s deplorable.

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1 MadamaAmbi 05.02.09 at 1:26 am

hi Sabine et al–I just dropped by to see what’s cooking in Canada movement-wise…it’s pretty quiet, isn’t it? Except for a few people howling into the wind…well, I propose that we who are howling keep at it and keep connecting and keep being visionaries…

2 Sabine 05.02.09 at 10:31 am

Don’t worry, MadamaAmbi–we are just getting started!

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